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Hilda Fainsod’s guidance in “Power Up” is an advance in facing the greatest challenges of leaders, executives, and committed people in action: to design, learn, and embody the capacities for powerful action and results. The challenges always start with ourselves, and Hilda provides a 4-step method and a 30-day challenge to help us reach our next level of power. It is a worthwhile read and a generative learning journey for taking care of what we care about.

Bob Dunham.
Founder of The Institute for Generative Leadership

Power Up is a powerful book to unlock your potential and enter the next realm of your life. It also offers a 30-day challenge, which I highly recommend you take. This one is a must-read! 

Sameer Dua
Bestselling author; Founder, Institute for Generative Leadership, Asia and UK

'Power Up’ by Hilda Fainsod is an invigorating guide for self-mastery and personal advancement. With clear, actionable advice, Fainsod empowers readers to take charge of their destiny. The book distills her considerable coaching acumen into a practical blueprint for unlocking one's potential. A commendable read for those on the quest for self-betterment. Thank you, Hilda, for unleashing the hidden potential in each of us.

Amelia Cal

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