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We all are blind to certain sides of ourselves.

Where there is non-achievement, or you find yourself stuck or unable to complete a goal or dream despite all your efforts, you probably struggle within yourself because of a blindside.

Awareness can lighten that personal blindside. It is a state of consciousness and perceptiveness about oneself, others, and the surrounding environment.

It involves being present at the moment and understanding your internal and external experiences.

As a leader, being aware is crucial for several reasons. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Decision Making: Awareness allows leaders to gather information, consider perspectives, and make well-informed decisions. Knowing the internal and external factors affecting your organization, you can anticipate challenges, identify opportunities, and make bold choices.

  2. Improved Problem-Solving: Awareness helps leaders identify and address problems effectively. By staying attuned to the needs and concerns of your team members, you can recognize potential obstacles and find creative solutions. It includes awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses, team dynamics, and organizational climate.

  3. Effective Communication: Being aware of the impact of your words, tone, and body language enables you to communicate more effectively. You can tailor your communication style, ensuring clarity and understanding. Awareness allows you to listen, empathize, and respond appropriately, fostering stronger relationships and teamwork.

  4. Empowering Leadership: By being aware, leaders can create an environment that promotes growth, development, and autonomy. Awareness of people’s aspirations allows you to delegate tasks, assign responsibilities that match skill sets, and provide the necessary support.

  5. Emotional Intelligence: Being aware of your own emotions and those of others is critical. Leaders with high emotional intelligence can manage their emotions, understand others, and respond appropriately.

These benefits contribute to your personal growth as a leader and the success of your organization.

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