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 The Executive Roadmap to Transforming Life and Business 

Written by Hilda Fainsod

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Specializing in Mastermind, Mental Fitness, and Coaching, Hilda holds ten international certifications that validate her expertise in working with senior executives, their teams, and organizations for two decades.

Hilda's commitment lies in supporting those who invest in their growth and change, ensuring they amplify their choices and actions.


Get to Know Power Up

When asked to describe this book, I would say: it’s an entire decade. The invaluable insights are gathered from countless coaching hours spent with diverse clients, encompassing my continuous learning, practices, esteemed certifications, conquered challenges, and expertise.

My commitment is to create an impact on supporting executives like you, to achieve what they wish for to become a better, more fulfilling version of themselves. 


This book is going to show you the how-to’s. You will discover:


  • What’s in your way and how to intercept your blockages,

  • How to make a context intervention to support your changes,

  • A 4-step breakthrough process to define:

    • Who do you want to become

    • How to implement a daily practice and keep enough reps to make it stick

    • How to achieve results and get close to what you want

    • How to sustain and keep practicing until it becomes part of you.


  • A 30-day Challenge to walk you toward success.


What is the people saying?

Hilda Fainsod’s guidance in “Power Up” is an advance in facing the greatest challenges of leaders, executives, and committed people in action: to design, learn, and embody the capacities for powerful action and results. The challenges always start with ourselves, and Hilda provides a 4-step method and a 30-day challenge to help us reach our next level of power. It is a worthwhile read and a generative learning journey for taking care of what we care about.

Bob Dunham.
Founder of The Institute for Generative Leadership

By changing my inner discourse, Hilda helped me enjoy the most ambitious project of my career instead of facing it.

 J G de Alba

Power Up is a powerful book to unlock your potential and enter the next realm of your life. It also offers a 30-day challenge, which I highly recommend you take. This one is a must-read! 

Sameer Dua
Bestselling author; Founder, Institute for Generative Leadership, Asia and UK

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