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About the book

Ready to embark on a life-changing journey and turn your dreams into tangible realities? Within the pages of this captivating book, you will uncover potent strategies and time-tested practices for top executives that will power up your life and business transformation to endure, setting you toward success in any goal you dare to pursue. Get ready to seize the future you've always envisioned!

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Whether an entrepreneur,


or a seasoned executive, 

This book will unleash your potential, ignite your success, and embark on the path to transformation today.

About POWER UP, the book.

It is your ultimate guide to achieving lasting change, creating new responses, habits, behaviors, and strategies that will set you on the path to becoming a better, stronger you.


It involves a sense of adherence, consistency, and enough practices and iterations in implementation to sustain the changes that allow you to become the person and leader you want to be.


Discover the Power by overcoming blockers, saboteurs, and triggers to reach new heights and fulfill your aspirations.


Power Up will support you in forging the mindset, adopting powerful practices, and developing your mental muscle to embrace change and redefine yourself.


Take control of your future. Become the unstoppable force you've always dreamed of.

This book goes beyond here today-gone tomorrow change; it reaches deep into creating a lasting impact that solidifies your performance and happiness. 

With practical insights, real-life examples, and transformative exercises, "Power Up" equips you with the tools and mindset needed to become the architect of your destiny. 


The Executive Roadmap To Transforming Life and Business

After nearly two decades of working with top executives, I could see that their intentions and efforts vanish over time, no matter how convinced a leader can be in the first place; when life happens, or they step back, their initiatives fall short.


I decided to write this book so that I could create a significant impact and contribute in a meaningful way. As a Coach, I support executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs through 1-1 conversations, team coaching, and mastermind groups to transform themselves and their companies. I am committed to changing lives.


A book can change your life. An idea can pop up, a reflection. A perspective can broaden your understanding, a thought can begin a practice, a question can drive your decisions, and a step can lead you to a better state of mind, and that is my intention. Did it happen to you?


I found that tenacity, consistent action, staying committed to what we want, and being willing to pay the price of our dreams are outside our day-to-day dictionary.


People may want to change or improve but don’t know how to sustain their promises and make changes stick in the long run; when changing, they don’t consider the power of inertia, the context, and the stoppers which make us return to our old habits.


If you want to leave a mark in this world, acquire a habit, live a fulfilling life, create a new you, or support your team or company through a change, this book is for you.


Blockers, saboteurs, triggers, and our immunity to change are in play when dealing with change. I witnessed others' failure, disappointment, frustration, anger, self-judge, blame, guilt, shame, anxiety, or powerlessness. I experienced it myself, too.


If we want to change that will impact us forever, we need to be aware of how we created the original mess and that we are also part of the solution. We need to learn how to uncover our derailers and stop ourselves from sabotaging our actions to accomplish what we want.


In today's business dynamic and with such challenging responsibilities, C-suite executives must have a thinking partner who listens, challenges, explores, and builds on their strengths and possibilities for new perspectives and solutions.


As a catalyst, I encourage clarity, progress, and change; we need to turn the light on when we’ve been blind to it. We need to discover new possibilities and explore ways of behaving and dealing with what’s in our way just to accomplish.

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