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Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Creating Performance and Happiness


· A short investment for a huge value!

· Shape your inner capacities to respond.

· Reduce Burnout. Show Emotional Regulation.

· Explore opportunities.

· Listen to yourself to find some answers.

· Make quality decisions.

· Overcome blockers to achieve.

· Balance your life and wellness.


  1. Increasing your performance and happiness

  2. Intercept your saboteurs and explore new possibilities

  3. Shape your knowledge and capabilities

  4. Solve real problems in real time

  5. Achieve goals with the talent and experience of experts in the same conversation

  6. Keep your momentum and stick to your goals


Be part of the following annual activities to increase your Performance and Happiness.

  • 30-day challenge and a follow-up community

  • A Saboteur assessment and a 1-1 Coaching session (30')

  • 4 Masterclasses

  • Monthly Laser Coaching (15')

  • 3 Mastermind groups to work on your goals

  • Book Club to sharpen your capabilities and practices

  • Bonus Resources

Keep your momentum and stick to your goals.

Actual cost: $6,700 USD

Special offer: $1,675 USD

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